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Consultative & Tailored

Our consultative approach walks you through everything we have to offer, helping you build the best possible solutions for your customers.


TAS provides a diverse array of products and solutions tailored to address business challenges, with use cases spanning industries like fleet management, healthcare, and hospitality. Our offerings include mobile Wi-Fi, wireless broadband, and a range of other solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each sector, enhancing connectivity and efficiency.

SIM Connectivity

SIM Connectivity management is essential in today’s diverse carrier landscape, where coverage issues and capacity necessitate a varied carrier portfolio. However, handling multiple portals across carriers can be cumbersome. 

Private Network

The AMOP Private Network offers traffic shaping, throttling, and application management. These services collectively enhance communication security, efficiency, and control. 

Multi Carrier SIM Solutions

Staying connected is a must today. SIM cards give your customers and clients the ability to provide reliable, secure, and cost-effective connectivity from anywhere.


Ensure all devices are safe from unauthorized access. Instantly take action to stop potential breaches.

Cost Efficiency

Track data usage and apply controls to eliminate data overages that result in unplanned expense.


Streamline and automate routine tasks to improve IT staff efficiency and reduce manual workload.

Global Carrier Connectivity Available

No coverage, no problem. Multi Carrier SIMs provide the best coverage by allowing you to find a carrier wherever you are.

Start your Journey

Our goal is to help you surpass your customers’ and clients’ expectations, now and well into the future. With TAS, excellence in mobility management isn’t just a promise—it’s a continuous journey. Let’s embark on this journey together and redefine what’s possible in the mobility and IoT spaces.