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In a world where the landscapes of mobility and IoT are rapidly evolving, standing still is not an option. With TAS, you’re not just keeping pace; you’re setting the pace. We empower you and your customers with intuitive tools that are not only easy to use but are designed to future-proof your business in these dynamic sectors.

Advance Management Operations Platform

AMOP's cloud-based SIM Management Platform, with automation and multi-carrier support, offers businesses a streamlined solution for efficiently managing their SIM portfolios and data usage, ultimately reducing costs and enhancing operational efficiency. This platform addresses the growing need for centralized, scalable, and customizable SIM management solutions in today's interconnected business landscape.


Managing multiple SIMs and carrier service providers can be time-consuming and difficult. The AMOP platform provides a single pane of glass for your business and empowers you to control activation, deactivation, and other features as needed. All from one place. 

Why is this beneficial? 

technology expense management (TEM)

TAS has advanced solutions that provide cost transparency, data analytics, and a host of other expense management capabilities that make doing business and staying compliant easier.

Our comprehensive Technology Expense Management (TEM) solutions give you the tools that allow for more control over your business. Some benefits you can look forward to with our TEM solutions:

Billing Accuracy and Dispute Reduction

Ensure transparent and accurate billing for your customers.

Reduce billing errors and disputes, leading to improved customer relationships.

Enhance trust and satisfaction through clear and precise invoicing.

Cost Reduction and Optimization

Identify cost-saving opportunities within your telecom infrastructure.

Streamline expenses by renegotiating contracts, eliminating unused services, and optimizing plans.

Boost profitability with strategic cost management.

Operational Efficiency

Automate invoice management, inventory tracking, and usage monitoring.

Focus on business activities instead of manual tasks.

Achieve unparalleled operational efficiency and resource allocation.

The Power Of MDM

Our mobile device management bolt-on software keeps your customers and clients in the driver’s seat by providing them a single console to manage all mobile IoT devices. Control mobile applications, identity, file shares, and more, making it easier for the end user to operate and the business to stay protected and in control.  

Our software features allow you to: 

Discover more features that align with your business goals:


As industry experts in the IoT space, our consulting services at TAS offer tailored solutions to empower your business for success. With specialized tools and industry experience, we’re dedicated to supporting your growth and evolution amidst the dynamic shifts in the industry, ensuring your continued competitiveness and prosperity. 

Device Provisioning & Kitting

From security issues to device usage and compliance, device provisioning is a critical component of your customer’s and client’s security and management processes. Keep IoT devices secure, up-to-date, licensed, and much more.

For purchasing handsets, tablets, and routers, as well as related services like kitting, SIM insertion, and special services, TAS offers bundled packages tailored to customer requirements. Special pricing is available for most opportunities. This comprehensive approach ensures customers can acquire the necessary devices and services while receiving customized support and competitive pricing.

Support services

TAS provides support services round the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This ensures that customers can access timely and reliable technical support whenever they encounter issues or require assistance with their network or services. With continuous support available, customers can rely on us to address any concerns promptly, maximizing the reliability and efficiency of their solutions. 

Mobile security solutions


Security measures include hiding data traffic from the public internet, detecting cyberattacks in the cloud, and blocking unapproved websites and apps, crucial for safeguarding personal data from potential breaches.

Data Protections

This is crucial for both companies and individuals as ISPs possess significant control over it, potentially compromising personal data if their networks are breached.


Improve security by enhancing visibility into data usage on corporate devices, providing alerts based on customized thresholds, and enabling centralized viewing and analysis of data through a single portal.


Enhance security measures by implementing customized filtering for endorsed websites and content, thereby ensuring strict compliance with automatic internet use policies


At TAS, our focus on intelligence revolves around leveraging automation to streamline processes, providing throttle notifications to manage usage effectively, and offering insightful analytics on usage rates. Through these intelligent solutions, we aim to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and empower informed decision-making for our clients. 

Real-World Impact

TAS provides a diverse array of products and solutions tailored to address business challenges, with use cases spanning industries like fleet management, healthcare, and hospitality. Our offerings include mobile Wi-Fi, wireless broadband, and a range of other solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each sector, enhancing connectivity and efficiency.