Conferencing Solutions

Web Conferencing

If you need to conduct employee training across sites, deliver web seminars to clients, include off-site employees in meetings and brainstorming sessions, or deliver a presentation to employees, board members, or customers–web conferencing can be a very viable option for your business.

There are customizable options for video and audio that fit within just about any budget — you can use something as inexpensive as a web camera with a built-in microphone, up to high end video and audio equipment.  In addition to this customization, you can run small-to-large web conferences that can be delivered around the globe, simultaneously, with very little bandwidth.  Web conferencing can be accessible via an Internet website or through software clients.

Audio Conferencing

Sometimes it is not necessary to deliver your proposals or conduct meetings with a visual aspect.  In cases where audio is more than sufficient, audio conferencing solutions can connect two offices or 200 offices all at once.

Audio conferences are easy to set up, don’t cost a lot of money, and can be especially effective in situations where many people in different locations need the information you are providing.  For instance, company board members, necessary support staff, investors, distributors, and suppliers can all participate in an audio conference at the same time on any given project.

While your business will usually just need to connect two or three of the above groups at any given time, the capabilities are still there without having to make major upgrades to the equipment and services.  Connect globally with one voice and never have to deliver each item repeatedly during many calls again — take care of it all at once.

Video Conferencing

When you have a situation where you need the same kind of interaction levels that you might get during an audio conference, but you need to enhance the situation with presentations or provide a face-to-face setting for everyone involved, video conferencing is a good solution.

A video conference, like an audio conference, can connect two or more locations simultaneously.  Those participating in a video conference can view multimedia, manipulate documents and images, and share in other activities that previously could only be accomplished in a physical setting.

This type of conferencing is ideal for businesses that wish to cut down on travel costs associated with operations.  Instead of flying across the country repeatedly to visit another branch office, meet with investors, or conduct interviews and meetings, a video conference can do the job just as well in most cases.

When your business needs help in choosing and setting up web, audio, or video conferencing or you think it might be a good option for you but don’t know where to start, Telecom Agent Solutions can help.  Contact a TAS specialist to learn what options best fit your needs and we can assist you in setting up conferencing capabilities at any of your locations.