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Fiber Builds For Business

When a business requires data capabilities that exceed the ability of a DS3/T3 (40 Mbps speeds) line, a fiber build may be necessary. This kind of bandwidth is usually needed by companies that run data centers or websites with multimedia streaming and other large businesses that have found that a DS3/T3 line is no longer sufficient for day-to-day operations.

If fiber lines are not integrated into the building that houses your operations already, then lines will need to be run in order to provide all connection points with reliable, fast service. In order to help offset the cost, your business might be eligible to take advantage of a sponsored fiber build.

A sponsored fiber build is paid for by some telecommunications providers, but they come with a catch. You’ll receive faster speeds, but the telecom company will be allowed to utilize the new fiber network as well.

Because fiber is capable of handling such huge data loads, this could be an extremely mutually beneficial arrangement for your business and your provider as a fiber-build can be expensive.

Enjoy dedicated internet, increased reliability, greatly increased speeds, and the ability for many users to be connected and active at once without connectivity issues.

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