5 Cabling Tips For Optimal Business Network Installation

It is necessary for installers to pay attention to the following tips to ensure they do the best job possible each time.  Additionally, business owners looking to have a network installation done and agents who sell network installation services can benefit from knowing what constitutes a good cabling job and what does not.  The tips […]

The Pros And The Cons Of Business VoIP Services

Even though Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is gaining ground, many business owners are still not sure whether they should switch.  Sure, they cost less, but there is still this hang-up about VoIP having less reliability than the plain old telephone service (POTS).  This is a look at the good and the bad of […]

2016 Global Telecom Revenue Projected To Be Around $1.2 Trillion USD

The report says that revenues in the industry got up to $1.9 trillion USD by the end of 2010.  This meant that there was an increase of 4.5 percent over the figures reported at the end of 2009.  In 2009, revenues had declined 3.8 percent below previous years. While growth is expected to slow down […]

Cloud-Based Telecommunications: The Way Of The Future?

While the technology is fairly new, some voice over internet protocol (VoIP) providers are already connecting residential customers with cloud telephony.  One such service uses the traditional telephone lines in the house to connect to their cloud-hosted VoIP network via a dedicated ADSL-style connection.  This brings some security to traditional VoIP services since the cloud […]

How Has Recent Global Political And Economic Turmoil Affected Telecom Consulting?

While Hot Telecom’s “Global Telecom Consulting Market Report 2011” is in its sixth edition and reporting that the telecom industry’s revenue decreased by nearly 9.1 percent, it seems that the Asian, Latin American, and the Middle-Eastern and African (MEA) regions experienced an upturn in growth by the end of 2010. The rest of the world […]

Embrace The Versatility Of VoIP

If your business is sitting on the edge of deciding whether to switch to a digital phone service don’t let the fear of higher prices dissuade you. Technological innovations have a notorious history of coming hand in hand with huge costs that only businesses with money to burn are able to implement. Unlike those technology […]

Is Plain Old Telephone Service Really Dying?

Plain old telephone service, or POTS, is being touted as on its way out by quite a few sources. It’s being said that with the advent of VoIP services, cable and fiber network expansions and wireless communications innovations that POTS is dying a slow, but steady death. But, is that really the case? The reason […]