How Has Recent Global Political And Economic Turmoil Affected Telecom Consulting?

There was a 3.2 percent growth in telecom consulting revenue predicted for the end of 2011, and by the end of 2012, it should grow a further 5.4 percent. That should make the revenue look like it did prior to the 2008 economic collapse in most parts of the world, except Western Europe.

It’s still lagging with revenues for telecom consulting still below 2008 levels.

Though there’s been a hiccup in MEA growth due to increased political unrest, it should still experience some of the fastest growth, along with Latin America. Europe, on the other hand, may not find its way out of the weeds by the end of the year and find that telecom consulting revenue has seen no growth at all. It could even seed a decrease in revenue by the end of 2012.

Revenue is expected to grow, overall, by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7 percent and it should do it within the next five years. Even so, it’ll be a long time before revenue will hit double-digits again for consulting.

That said, while Asia, Latin America and the MEA are experiencing the fastest growth and Western Europe is still struggling, having lost its second place standing in the global market to Asia, North America still experiences the highest revenue from consulting and is seeing a significant upturn.

That’s great news for people looking to continue being a telecom sales agent or thinking of becoming one.

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