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When you need to offer a total communication package to your clients, Telecom Agent Solutions gives you the access to Tier 1 communications service prodivers. In addition, our expert staff can help you select the best design for your clients.

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Proven Leadership

Telecom Agent Solutions is a proven leader in
providing telecommunications products to our
referral partners and their customers.

AT&T Service Provider

We have continued to focus on the same principle. to provide our customers the highest quality
telecommunication solutions from the industry leader at competitive prices.

From local to long distance, data to Internet
services, TAS provides our clients a competitive advantage by reducing telecommunications costs and consolidating resources

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AT & T Agent Program Details


  1. Referral Agent: As a referral agent, you find the opportunities and we sell them for you. For example, you have a customer that wants to get a quote on new voice or data service. You give us the customer contact information and we call them find out the details of what they need. At that point, we generate the quotes and forward them to the potential customer. In these situations, it is our job to follow-up and close the deal.

  1. Agent: When you are an agent, you find the opportunities and close them as well. As an agent, you would call our project manager and discuss your options; we then generate the quotes, ECT... We work with you on the design and help you decided what product fits best with your particular customer or situation.

  1. AT&T Associate Solutions Provider (ASP): As an ASP, you would be setup via AT&T a Solutions Provider. This requires a small amount of additional paperwork and liability insurance. You place your own orders, after a probationary period, and we support you and your staff as needed. You also have permission to use the “AT&T Solutions Provider” logo in your marketing and on your business card.

For all three levels, TAS can serve as project management and manage order implementation. Once you become an ASP, you can choose to participate more directly in these processes, in order to obtain a more lucrative commission percentage.

How do you get paid?

For sales of AT&T services, commissions are paid on the last day of each month in which we receive payment from the carrier. Once an order installs, AT&T pays us commissions the next month. TAS receivesa percentage of the total contract value. In some cases, AT&T may offer a bonus for a particular “strategic” product. (Please speak to a project manager for more details on available bonuses.)

Please note: Most carriers, other than AT&T, pay commission on a monthly basis. These residual commissions are paid out in the same manner as AT&T commissions, for the life of the contract.

Our recommendation is to discuss all voice and data aspects of your customers business with us. Please contact us to discuss commission percentages for the agent classifications.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you.