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When you need to offer a total communication package to your clients, Telecom Agent Solutions gives you the access to Tier 1 communications service prodivers. In addition, our expert staff can help you select the best design for your clients.

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Telecom Agent Solutions is a proven leader in
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We have continued to focus on the same principle. to provide our customers the highest quality
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From local to long distance, data to Internet
services, TAS provides our clients a competitive advantage by reducing telecommunications costs and consolidating resources

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AT&T Ethernet Service

Fiber Builds for Business

Instead of opting for a regular internet service for your business, it might be a better idea to implement an Ethernet service. An Ethernet service can give your business the greatest amount of uptime and control over your own network and web presence.

For instance, an Ethernet service can give you greater reliability -- 99.99% reliability. You can also control burstable bandwidth and experience more flexibility.

Whether your business is small, large, or medium in size, an Ethernet connection can help you with multimedia content, such as video streaming, VoIP for all locations, fast upload and download speeds from your sites and for remote workers.

With speeds ranging from 3 Mbps (megabits per second) to 40 Gbps (gigabits per second), depending on your location, you can implement practically any application that uses Internet connectivity without having to source multiple providers. This means one bill for everything at a cost that is usually less than all of those other services combined.

Talk to one of our Telecom Agent Solutions specialists today and we can help you find an Ethernet for Business service that fits within your budget and handles all of your bandwidth needs.